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How Carpet Cleaning Machines Work

A truck mount carpet cleaning machine costs in excess of $25,000 and obviously does a much better job than a consumer carpet cleaning machine.

The machine consists of a gas/diesel engine, high pressure water pump, a vacuum blower, a water box and a waste tank to form a complete and powerful truck mount carpet cleaner. Bothell and other cities around Seattlerequire that waste water be treated properly. That is why there is a waste tank mounted in the truck to capture all the waste water.

There is a water box contains water to be used in extracting dirt from the carpet. The diesel engine heats the water to as high as 300 degrees, far higher than any home carpet cleaning machine. The water is transported with a high pressure water pump through the hose to the cleaning head where it is forced under pressure into the carpet.

At superheated temperatures like this, the hydrogen bonds in the water break and the water becomes less polar. The result is a liquid that behaves like an organic solvent giving it its unique cleaning properties. The high temperature water does a thorough job of dissolving and dislodging dirt and oils from the carpet fibers.

The water is sucked up from the carpet by the vacuum blower portion of the extraction machine. The blower is capable of pulling up to 650 cubic feet per minute or over 10 cubic feet per second! This leaves the carpet only damp so that it dries quickly.