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Hardwood Floor Care Done Right

Use the Right Tool

  • Soft broom to remove particles and debris
  • Swiffer to remove dust and dog hair
  • Do NOT use a vacuum cleaner
  • Do NOT use a wet jet

Take Care of Spill and Spots

  • Remove as quickly as possible
  • Use water and a soft cloth
  • If solvent is required use mineral spirits

Do Routine Maintenance

  • Put mats at doorways to trap dirt
  • Sweep regularly: preferably daily
  • Damp mop weekly or more if needed
  • Recondition the floor periodically (5 to 10 years on average)

Put Yourself on a Plan

We at Pacific Steam Carpet Cleaning - Lynnwood do not do hardwood floor cleaning. That is because hardwood floor cleaning is more like vacuuming your carpet than it is cleaning your carpet. You want to do it frequently and thoroughly.lynnwood hardwood floors cleaning

The best way to clean hardwood depends on the finish. No matter what though, you want to sweep away any debris and dust first. Do not use a vacuum with the beater bar running. Once the floor is free of debris, use a commercial wood care product with a damp mop. Products like Bruce Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner are a good choice.

"We are not far from Pacific Steam, here in Lynnwood. Carpet Cleaning on an annual basis has really made the difference in our carpet's lasting appearance!" -- Karen, G